Havan is a sacred purification ritual that is performed in households as well as work places and shops by chanting mantras and worshipping different Gods and Goddesses. There is a hallowed fire in the center and the priest and family members sit around it. It is a part of the ritual of a Havan or Homa to invoke the Divine by paying offerings to the Fire God – Agni.

People offer sacred puja items like lotus seeds, fruits, flowers, sandal chips, honey, ghee, exotic herbs and more to the Havana Kund (sacrificial fire). You can organize a Havan at your home, office or at a Temple. There are different benefits of performing Havan.

Havan Benefits:

It brings success and prosperity your way.

It eliminates all kinds of hardships from the path you are on towards achieving success.

The positive vibrations from the Havan also help you curb losses in business.

Brings financial stability and growth in life.

Helps you recover from serious illnesses and improve academically.